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Frequently Asked Questions?


How Do I order?

The best way to order is to text us @ 980-292-0747   or email to .






How far in advance should I order ?

  We require 4 days advance notice for small orders and at least 7 days advance notice for any custom or large orders. Tiered cakes and wedding cakes require at least 3 weeks notice. We  understand special occasions arise without notice at times, and we will try our best to work around these situations. For  tiered cakes and wedding cakes at least 3 weeks notice is required. 


How long will my cupcakes last? Do they need to be refrigerated?

• Our cupcakes should be stored refrigerated, served at room temperature, and consumed within 24 hours of your purchase.


We recommend that you enjoy your cupcakes as soon as possible after your purchase to ensure the freshest possible cupcakes. However, if you can’t eat them right away, they should be refrigerated as soon as possible (within an hour).


•If you do refrigerate your cupcakes, take them out of the refrigerator at least an hour (minis) or two (for jumbos) before you are going to serve them. This allows the buttercream icing to get back to room temperature. Allow a little longer if it is colder in the room.


Remember that buttercream frosting is mostly butter and will melt if it sits in the sun in your car, even if it’s chilly outside.




How  many cupcakes should I order for  a party of 10 ? ( 100 , 200 etc.)

If you want standard sized  cupcakes, usually one per person is just great. For minis, we recommend 2  per person


Can I order an assorted box of cupcakes?

 Unfortunately we do not offer assorted cupcake boxes at this time.  Flavors are restricted to 1 flavor per dozen .


Do you have a retail store I can come to?

We operate out of a local family restuarant  just minutes from the University area . Currently we   only take advanced orders at this time and do not offer a daily cake menu , but they may change soon!


 Do your cupcakes contain nuts/dairy/sugar?

Currently all our products contain traces of nuts, so they are not recommended for people with nut allergies. Our products contain quality ingredients including flour, sugar and dairy, so they are also not recommended for people with gluten allergies or vegans. However  we are working on a new cupcake menu featuring sugar free & gluten free cupcakes, so check back often!

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